About us

ELKE Mööbel is all about furnishing homes, offices and public spaces. We were founded in 1996 and by today we have become one of the largest ambassadors of Scandinavian and Western European design furniture in Estonia.

Our portfolio is huge, including numerous homes, offices, governmental facilities, theaters, cinemas, concert halls, libraries, restaurants, cafes, hotels, laboratories, and many more. We represent a wide selection of furniture, lighting and accessories by the best brands.

Our biggest strength is our team. We are professionals. We work closely with the brands we represent and therefore we know all there is to know about our products.

Everything we do is in line with our core values – quality, durability and design. We believe that every single product ELKE Mööbel offers is a guaranteed choice for years.

ELKE Mööbel operates in two showrooms – in retail showroom that offers products for homes and offices (Tedre 55, Tallinn), and in project sales showroom (Rästa 18, Tallinn). Contacts can be found here.